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The following changes to WiMa Web were made during 1.x:

1.8, 1999-08-30

Leisure Sports Yes, we have been on vacation ... yes, in Corse ... yes, we found some MTB routes on our Binedo trip! Read the first reports, although without maps and fotos ...

1.7,  1999-08-26

General There are now different description of how to find the way to our home: an abstract one and a marked city map of Wels.
Leisure Sports Check out the Hongar and the Via Salis report again, as there is additional information of high value to you - I included maps!

Ditto in the Firenze Marathon report ...

1.6,  1999-08-13

Leisure Sports There are two additional bike reports now available: one entitled Hongar (a mountain between Weyregg and Gmunden) and the other named Via Salis! Check them out ...

1.5,  1999-07-10

Leisure Sports I added a lot of photos as Elke was so kind to scan them: so please check them out ... that's in the Firenze report, in the Glockner report, and photos of Hallstatt '99, Wels '98, the Vienna City Marathon '97 and '98 and Leonding '97.

1.4,  1999-07-05

Leisure Sports I managed to enter all my race results (running) ... including some statistical data and some reports (especially the report about the Firenze Marathon seems to be worth reading to me) ..and I entered my running personal best list ... DON'T LAUGH!

More than that there is the latest report of our last MTB-trip yesterday ...

1.3,  1999-07-02

General There was something wrong with the picture, which is zoomable now!
Profession FH AAPT I added the curriculum of EDV1 UE held in WS 1998/99.
1.2,  1999-07-01 Profession FH AAPT I'm very glad to publish all the lectures I held in the winter term 1998/99 at FH AAPT. For the moment, this part is considered as "complete".
FH MeWi Ditto at FH MeWi ... it was tough work, but I finaly won the fight with Ms PowerPoint!

1.1,  1999-06-29

General I proudly inserted the banner of my sponsor lion.cc and organized the structure of the site a little different.
Profession Links As promised, there is a first version provided now.

1.0,  1999-06-29

General Well, the Site Navigation Map is still missing, but the Version Information (this page) is completed and my Business Card is also ok - maybe I change the photo later on, but ...
Profession Curriculum Vitae Beside two minor flaws (the talk at the STEP congress as well as Axioma's testimonial are still missing) the CV is complete.
Empty at the moment! I'm fighting with PowerPoint and FrontPage ...
Links Empty at the moment, but a first version will be provided VERY soon!
Leisure Sports Beside some minor flashes and experiments in the Running division there is a great report of our MTB trip to Lake Garda and some other reports too.
Links Empty at the moment.


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