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The following changes to WiMa Web were made during 2.x:

2.8, 1999-10-20

Profession FH AAPT From now on, every problem specification and every solution of the SWT502 is published here ready for downloading!
FH MeWi The above is also true for IFTM1.

2.7,  1999-10-17

General A totaly new feature for navigating is introduced with this version ...
Profession FH AAPT Corrected an error concerning SWT - there was a link missing.
FH MeWi I made some foils for course about PC basic knowledge.
Leisure Sports The Corse reports are finished now; don't miss them.
Travel May I introduce: a new part of the web is born!

2.6,  1999-10-13

Profession FH AAPT I completed the foils for IT1 - Block 5 ...
FH MeWi ... and I finaly add the last lecture I had to prepare for INF1: it's about spread sheets ...

2.5,  1999-10-12

Profession FH MeWi Just added a new INF1 lection (the 7th) and ...
FH AAPT ... and another new SWT lection (the 1st).
Leisure Sports The textual stuff concerning our Corsica Mountainbike Trip is finished now with the desription of two more rides ... pictures will follow soon!

2.4,  1999-10-07

Profession FH AAPT New information concerning the new term has been entered, e.g. bulletin boards for every lecture, lecture-specific sites with my presentations, etc ... all starting here!

2.3,  1999-10-01

General Some restructuring was necessary ...
Profession Curriculum Vitae I finaly managed to enter my talk at STEP '97, a major conference ijn London.

2.2,  1999-09-21

Profession FH MeWi

I installed a bulletin board to publish information to my students in IFTM1, INF and MPT1 respectively. They will be frequently updated from now on without increasing the version number.

2.1,  1999-09-19 Profession FH MeWi Some of the presentations of the new term in FH MeWi are available right now ... the rest will follow until end of term.
Leisure Sports Two more "Binedo" MTB reports are available ... don't miss them!

2.0,  1999-09-14

Profession UPPERView A new part of WiMaWeb is "on air": it deals with my thesis, called UPPERView. Find details about the why's, the how's and the when's ...


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