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The following changes to WiMa Web were made during 3.x:

3.8,  2000-06-23

Leisure Sports There are new reports of my races in Mondsee and in Linz.

3.7,  2000-04-27

Leisure Sports Some new stuff in the MTB arena: a cute opportunity, the MTB Knigge and the ultimate Bike Setup Guide.

3.6,  2000-03-27

Profession Curriculum Vitae I finaly managed to enter the latest information about ending my work at the Fachhochschule and the start of the new exciting employment in my own little company.

3.5,  2000-01-27

General The guys from searchbutton.com helped me with a great (and free) site search ... now you should find the desired content on my site more easily!
Profession FH AAPT Frequent updates concerning lectures, grades, news on the bulletin boards etc. do not result in new site versions.

Anyway, this site is alive and updated frequently ...


3.4,  1999-12-03

Leisure Sports I nearly finished the report of the Firenze Marathon - only some photos are still missing!

3.3,  1999-11-04

Leisure Travel As it was matter of heavy protest I corrected some spelling issues in the corse reports and added a navigation map which shows our route with links to all the reports written ...

3.2,  1999-11-03

Profession FH AAPT The grades reached in INT101, INT103 and SWT502 are published frequently from now on! Don't miss them ...

3.1,  1999-10-31

Profession Curriculum Vitae Finaly Axioma's testimonial arrived (thanx Brigitte) ...and an error in the application download was found and corrected.
FH AAPT The curriculum of INT10x has changed: take a look on the bulletin board and on the index!

3.0,  1999-10-26

  Well, nothing really new but the structure changed dramtically! But hopefully transparent to the user ...




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