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The following changes to WiMaWeb were made during 4.x:
    Translation of all pages to german started! It's planned tofinnish the works with the transition to my future virtual home.
General Newsletter Newsletter resp. Mailing List sponsered by Bravenet.com added.
Leisure Sports The report of the Firenze Marathon is completed with some photos ...
Profession HTL Password of user 3CHD changed according to information sent by Philipp "Fips" Losbichler.
Leisure Sports As my scanner is on duty now (sic!), I inserted new photos in the galery and in the bike report No Frontiers.
Profession HTL Upon Franz' request I added a Discussion Forum to discuss all PR1 related problems ... if other classes too need such a service: contact me!
General Guestbook Guestbook sponsored by BraveNet.com added.
Profession HTL Now all pupils can query their actual grades ... updated every fortnight, or so! With a password protection made by BraveNet.com ...
Leisure Galery There's a photo galery available right now ...
Leisure Sports The report of my defeat in the Firenze Marathon is finished ...
4.5, 2000-11-11 Leisure Sports I finaly finished the report of our great bike trip from San Candido to Villach in summer! Finished? Well, due to J.E.S. (= Jäger EDV Systeme) my scanner is off-duty since that time and therefore the photos are still missing!
4.4, 2000-11-08


HTL There is a list of 1DHD's pupils available right now!

4.3, 2000-11-01


HTL For test results check out the relevant Home Site.

4.2, 2000-10-26

Profession HTL Beside the usual updates (exercise specifications, new bulletins, questionaires, ...) there are now new Home Sites for every combination of subject and class I'm dealing with - including a seperate Bulletin Board per class.

4.1, 2000-10-14

Profession HTL I started a brand-new part of WiMa Web in order to fullfill the information needs of my pupils there. Mainly you'll find a Bulletin Board and exercise specifications for PR1 and PR3.

I definitely will not note every single change of the contents in this section, as it will change continously throughout the year. Please bookmark the relevant sites and re-visit them frequently!

4.0, 2000-10-04

  I'm now guest at www.FortuneCity.com ... and took the opportunity to remove old information. This implies that my wonderful domain www.wima.at is out of order at the moment. Please use either www.fortunecity.com/ skyscraper/ digital/ 1778/ or wima.nav.to, which is a redirection URL by www.v3.com!


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